Men Waxing Services Toronto 

Manzilian Bikini Waxing To Full Body Waxing For Men

Benefits of a Manzilian Wax 

1. It makes your package look bigger!

2. Keeps it fresh

3. Prevent transmission of one of the most common STD’s (pubic lice)

4. It makes you look tidy

5.It increases your sensitivity (ahem ahem *bonus)

Every guy needs some help in manscaping from the experts. Thats why you can trust us with all your waxing services for men. We promise to deliver best male waxing in Toronto.

Popular Body Parts Waxed For Men

Back waxing for men is one of the most popular manscaping service we offer for our male clients. Depends on the amount of hair, there are different types of back wax options available such as full back wax, upper back wax or lower back wax. There is no need to be nervous our wax experts do not judge you in fact they are very professional since over 40% of our clientele is male. Removing the hair by getting a back waxing is one of the best and most effective hair removal process out there, simply because after each wax session the hair grows back much softer and slower. If you trim the hair using a trimmer, razor or hair removal creams your hair will feel like stubble instantly within the same day. With waxing your hair takes longer to grow back so that you can enjoy the smooth results longer. Just give a try to the best male waxing Toronto service at Allure Body Bar.
If it looks like a sweater than let us help you take it off. There is no reason to feel shy or embarrassed from your chest hair any more. Waxing for men is becoming more and more popular than ever. Lets just say that if you have really coarse hair all over the chest and your looking for a solution to lessen the amount of hair but do not want to be bare forever than waxing is your new best friend. Many of our male clients get regular chest waxing done every 4-8 weeks, the results are different for everyone. Some guys just get the chest wax done 4-6 times a year to lessen the amount and density of the hair on their chest. With any other hair removal method the hair will still be coarse and feel like stubble. Chest waxing is the only solution to soften your hair texture and still have it look natural. Our chest wax includes the abdomen area as well.
Now we know a lot of you guys have secretly thought of getting a Brazilian  wax done but just that thought of it makes your knees weak. Now let us also tell you that it really is not that painful at all and no your balls will not rip off. Our wax experts are highly trained in waxing for men and no your not the first guy that they have waxed. Once we are done your Manzilian Brazilian Wax you will thank us and become addicted to the smooth results. In your Manzilian Brazilian wax the hair in the pubic triangle in the front will be removed, also the base of the shaft, balls and butt crack. Some guys may need a buttocks wax done as well but thats what our wax experts are there for, to help you make a comfortable decision. Our wax experts are also very professional which means they will make you feel comfortable at all times and provide you with a proper consultation to really customize the service to your needs and life style.

  • Manzilian Brazilian Bikini Wax: Clean up of your “Firecracker” front and back! shaft, sack and crack included (Buttocks not included)
  • Deep Speedo Bikini Wax: Clean up around the outline of your “firecracker” front only! (shaft, sack, crack and buttocks not included)
  • Butt Crack Wax: Guys lets make it squeaky clean.Trust us you will love us after this!
  • Buttocks Wax: The Hair is removed from your bum cheeks.(Butt crack not included)

Different Styles Of Bikini Wax For Men

 Bikini – Brazilian Waxing For Men

Manzilian Brazilian Bikini Wax $70
Deep Speedo Bikini Wax $45
Butt Crack Wax $20
Buttocks Wax $30


Eyebrow Wax $15
Nose Wax (nostrils) $10
Ears Wax $10
Neck Wax $8

 Upper Body 

Underarms Wax $15
Shoulders Wax $15
Half Arm Wax $20
Full Arm Wax $34
Chest Wax $40+
Upper Back Wax $22+
Lower Back Wax $22
Full Back Wax (Includes Shoulder Wax) $41+

 Lower Body

Upper Leg Wax $31
Lower Leg Wax $26
Full Leg Wax $47+

 Full Body Wax For Men

Full body wax dose not include  any face wax or Bikini – Manzilian Brazilian Wax. You can add a facial wax or  bikini wax of your choice. $190

Manzilian Brazilian Wax Design

Brazilian bikini waxing for men design