Manzilian Brazilian Waxing For Men  

What’s a Manzilian?! Commonly referred to as a “boyzilian” or the waxing of one’s “back, sack & crack,” a manzilian is the removal of hair from a man’s crotch(or their firecracker).

In recent years the interest in brazilian waxing for men has increased dramatically

That is why we are here !

Yes, brazilian waxing for men is the new hot trend. From athletes to our average Joe, there are many reasons men everywhere are getting bikini and Brazilian waxes. Many men dislike excess body hair just as many women do. Some athletes such as cyclists, swimmers, and bodybuilders need to rid their bodies of all hair to improve aerodynamics and to achieve a sleek appearance. Some men get this wax to impress or please their loved one.

What ever your case is our wax expert team at Allure Body Bar is here to help make this a relaxing and comfortable experience for you.

Your “GOODS” are in “SAFE” hands

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We are one of the top 10 Manscaping places in Toronto for a reason! 

The Male Bikini Versus the Male Brazilian Manzilian

The bikini wax for men is very similar to the female version of a bikini wax. The main objective is to clean-up outside of the underwear line, leaving a tight, trimmed area of hair.
The Manzilian Brazilian waxing for men is more comprehensive. All surrounding hair is removed as well as all genital hair. Including all the goods down and under! Front & Back!

First Time?

  • For the initial wax we advise you to arrive 20 – 30 minutes early and purchase the no scream cream which will last you at least 3-4 sessions. You can skip this part if you would like its not important but we suggest every step possible in making this a pain free experience.
  • We also suggest that you take 2 Tylenol about 30 min before, once again this is just suggested for your comfort.
  • It is often advised to start with a bikini instead of jumping straight into a full Brazilian. If you are not sure what would be the best thing to do than let our experts decide that for you.
  • Come to the appointment freshly showered and wear boxers and loose fitting pants. Loose, soft clothing will feel much better on freshly waxed skin than tight-fitting clothing.
  • Prepare to be involved. In all bikini and brazilian waxing, for men and women alike, the client often assists the esthetician by holding skin taut in different areas so that the service can be performed faster and more efficiently.
  • Hair should be approximately 1/4 inch long. For men who shave the area, hold off on shaving for  2 weeks prior to the appointment.
  • Our Wax experts prefer to trim the hairs them self before the appointment to ensure hair is at a good length.

Preventing Ingrown Hairs

Exfoliation is an important part of post-wax care to help reduce and eliminate ingrown hairs. Starting a few days after the waxing appointment, exfoliate the area gently with an exfoliating body glove in the shower 4 to 5 days per week. You can finish of with our top seller PFB Vanish which helps eliminate, prevent and heal the ingrown 100% guaranteed.
Always follow any guidelines set by our wax-er regarding pre-waxing and post-waxing care.