Manscaping 101 

Well, if you like sexy smooth skin on ladies then guess what, we would like the same smoothness as well. So here are some great benefits.

  • It makes your package look bigger!
  • keeps it fresh
  • Prevent transmission of one of the most common STD’s (pubic lice)
  • It makes you look tidy
  • It increases your sensitivity (ahem ahem *bonus)

To manscape or not to manscape that is the question?

Is manscaping really becoming more and more popular you think? Looking at these male models in magazines with sexy smooth looking bodies is a jaw drop for ladies. Getting them to wax is a whole new story. Most men call it torture while others call it adventure. Why are men lazy and always find the easiest route to everything? For instance SHAVING!

Here are some top notch tips when manscaping starting from head to toe

Overall the benefits for manscaping are definitely a bonus and there’s no law against shaving certain parts of your body. Realistically hair is what makes a man a man.

Why Choose Us

Well you should only choose us if you really do care about the quality of service. We love to deliver amazing hair free results without causing you to much pain. Our staff is also highly trained and professional.

Oh yeah and we are clean freaks!

What Client’s Say

It was my first time and I was nervous to get a wax but the staff at allure made this experience bearable! The girl who waxed me made me feel relaxed the whole time and before you know it my manscaping was done.
Jeff , client
I would like to recommend allure to every one interested in getting a wax done. My service was handled very professionally. Also there booking system is very convenient. I will say it in French “Bravo”
Karam , Client
Let me say something. You have an amazing staff. They helped me by making me feel comfortable. I was really embarrassed from how hairy my back is but your staff never made me feel judged. So you got my 5 stars !
Greg, Client

Need some numbing action?

We offer those of you who can’t handle the pain of  manscaping by waxing. We have a numbing cream called No Scream Cream (Yes it works). We have tried it on our clients who were able to take the pain previously but now can’t imagine waxing without it.

We Offer:No Scream Cream for $ 21 Keep in mind that you need to apply it for 20 -30 minutes prior to your visit and the numbing lasts for about 30 minutes.

If you need the assistance of a numbing cream go right a head use it. Just arrive 30 min before your appointment time and ask the front desk for one.

We wont judge you.

No scream cream-Manscaping helper! Numbing cream to help with waxing