Bikini Or Brazilian Waxing Toronto

Bikini or Brazilian Wax


All our hair removal waxing techniques are performed using the finest ingredients and quality to make sure that you have the most pain-free and professional waxing service.  We offer a few different types of  bikini or Brazilian waxing services at Allure Body Bar to make sure that we can satisfy every level of need to be hair free. Use our service Brazilian waxing in Toronto.

Quickzilian Brazilian Bikini Wax

This removes all the hair in the front bikini area (you may keep a design in the front if you wish) and the “Butt Crack wax” is Included.

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Classic Bikini Wax

Removes hair outside panty line.

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Itsy Bitsy Bikini Wax

A really deep bikini wax from the sides and the top. (Lips and Butt Crack wax Not included)

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Pre-Natal Bikini BrazilianWax

We take extra care in removing and trimming as much or as little hair

that our pregnant ladies like. Butt Crack wax Included.

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The main difference between a bikini or a Brazilian wax is that in a bikini wax only the side hair that stick outside of your panty line is waxed and in a Quickzlian Brazilian wax the hair from the front and back all together are waxed. Some ladies like to leave a little something behind like a strip of hair known as the “landing strip” or a more natural looking triangle of hair known as the “love triangle”.

It doesn’t matter if you are getting a bikini or Brazilian wax our waxologist will make each appointment of yours comfortable.  If you are nervous and do not know weather to get a bikini or Brazilian wax, than our experts will help you decide which style suits your needs the best.  

And Remember We Do This All DAY! 

Let Your “Backside” Shine