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Who Are We?

About us just a lil bit…

We are not a spa because we like to be different. This is your beauty bar, relaxing but fun. A little bit about us at Allure Body Bar we only provide you with services in skincare and hair removal, because we specialize in them.  We also make our all services available in your budget. We offer Cheap waxing in Toronto.


We started and specialize in the “Quickzilian” Brazilian Wax! Quick because we do them in 8 minutes. This isn’t a massage so why prolong the process. If you are scared of waxing we will change your mind.


 We welcome both men and women to enjoy our services. You will not find fancy chandeliers, silk robes or music of waterfalls. Instead you will find a very clean atmosphere and very affordable services delivered in a short time frame.


We are Total Clean Freaks. We take all precautions to maintain the highest levels of hygiene. We wouldn’t dream of double dipping our spatulas into the wax pot, causing all kinds of nasty cross contamination. Fresh towels and fresh wipes are available in the room for all your wax services. Oh yes, and no one comes near your goodies without a pair of gloves! Our certified wax experts perform the best hair removal techniques. All of them have been hired under very strict criteria to ensure the best quality of service. 

Clean + Quality

The wax you will receive is specially formulated for sensitive skin, making it the best wax for your gentle areas. We have 3 different types of wax on hand according to the clients skin and sensitivity our waxers will switch up the wax to make sure that we provide your with a comfortable experience. Pre-wax numbing cream is also available for purchase to those who truly want a painless experience. Just arrive 30 min before your appointment and let us know! 

Clean + Quality + Affordable

Why are our prices so good? Well, we believe in keeping our services affordable so that you can enjoy them more often. Hair removal and skin care is a necessity not a luxury. We have our wax-a-holic days where you save 15% off wax services and also unbelievable pre pay and save wax passes.  

Specially when it comes to Brazilian and Manzilian waxing for us its just common sense. For our waxers its no big deal and we are not scared of a big bush when we see one. That is why we don’t charge allot for them like other places. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get the first heads up for any deals or promos on our already so great prices. Access cheap waxing services in Toronto.

Clean + Quality + Affordable & Fast 

Well we already told you about our famous 8 minutes Quickzilian Brazilian Wax. We only take the speed up a notch where needed. Waxing is something we do good and fast but when it comes to skin care and massage we really slow it down. We love to take care of our clients where its skin care or hair removal.  So what are you waiting for ?

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